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Wellington Timebank

Members on Community Weaver

Hi, beautiful people!

We've recently undertaken a huge project in the office to contact our lasped members; folks who signed up to the Timebank but haven't logged in to Community Weaver or communicated with us for a while (like two years).  

A bunch of folks got back to us, letting us know they had moved out of town, had babies, changed jobs, or just had life circumstances change and wouldn't be participating as much.  As a result, we've "disabled" those profiles.  A bunch of folks got back in touch to let us know that they needed help logging in or posting ads, and we're working to get them going again.

The end result is while it looks like we have fewer members than we used to, we're hoping that the new numbers more accurately reflect who is using the Timebank to trade, meet people, and find news. We hope that it'll be easier for active members to find each other and connect. We want for you to be able to message someone or look through the talent listings and know you're likely to get an answer.  We want everyone who wants to be in the Timebank to be able to take part, and we want folks to know the time they put in trying to connect can pay off.

If you have any questions or think we've made a mistake, please hit us up by email or ring the office.

Love love