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Wellington Timebank

WTB Code of Conduct

As a member of Wellington Timebank I agree to:

● understand that trades where goods or money such as petrol, materials, ingredients or the like need to be paid for by the person receiving and should be agreed to before the trade
● Members should not put their safety or the safety of others at risk by their actions during trading
● Respect all other members’ privacy and/or confidentiality
● Respect other members’ viewpoints and not pressure another participant to accept my religious beliefs or political views
● Not involve my friends or relatives in timebanking by bringing them to a member’s home or venue of exchange
● Not solicit or accept money, gifts or gratuities from other participants
● Refrain from consuming a member’s food or drink unless invited to do so
● A no smoking policy when trading in members homes or at the venue of time exchange
● Traders should not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs during a trade
● Not use any possessions of the member trader, including the telephone, unless given clear permission to do so
● Always treat fellow participants with compassion and respect

I agree to abide by the Constitution and Code of Conduct of Wellington Timebank

I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to satisfy myself as to the trustworthiness of any member with whom I trade, in addition to the measures taken under its safety policy. I will not hold the Wellington Timebank responsible, or make any claim against Wellington Timebank, for any loss or harm associated with my trading.

Important note regarding police checks:
We conduct police checks and reference checks for all members. In general, minor convictions are not considered a barrier to membership. Where there are any significant concerns raised, the Coordinator will discuss the issue (while maintaining the member’s privacy) with the Steering Committee. We always prioritise the safety of our members while also balancing being as inclusive as possible. Options taken in these situations include: a) turning a persons application for membership down; b) having all trades conducted through and with a support person; c) having the person on ‘Guardian Angel’ mode where they do not receive the trading post and all trading is done via the Coordinator.