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Wellington Timebank

Top tips for a happy trade

Oh hi there!

The Wellington Timebank is a community of people who enjoy helping each other out. Everyone's time is equal here so you can offer whatever skill you enjoy and request anything that you need. Through trading you'll get to meet heaps of awesome people who live locally. By actively participating in the timebank you'll be weaving resilience, generosity and a sense of community into your life.

Here's some tips to make sure that your trades go as smoothly as possible: 

One: discuss ALL details beforehand
Swap phone numbers. Discuss any costs involved. Be clear about how small or large the job will be and what skill level is required.

Two: be timely
Arrive on time – not early or late. Let the person know if something changes – no one likes being stood up. You can log 0.5 time credits for the time set aside for a missed trade.

Three: agree on trade time
Agree together on how much time the trade took BEFORE you leave the trade, including any travel time, and who will log the trade.

Four: be kind, courteous and generous
Offer the person a glass of water or a cup of tea. If they stayed for 50 minutes, make it 1 hour. Understand that people are doing their best.

Five: reply to people
When someone gets in touch to trade with you, make sure you always respond within a week even if it is to let them know that you are too busy at the moment. People become very despondent about trading if they don’t get replies!

Six: Keep yourself safe 
Like you, other members have gone through all the initial safety checks, but it’s still important to play it safe! Initially you might like to consider meeting someone in a public place, like a cafe, library or your local community centre. If someone is visiting your home, consider having a friend or family member there for the first time.

If you have any questions about how to use this site, please contact the Coordiator on

Otherwise, have fun exploring and connecting with those around you!

xo the Wellington Timebank